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Do you Journal??

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

My practical tools to successfully Journaling on your ayahuasca integration process

You’ve probably heard so many times how journaling is so beneficial, even more so after a life changing experience like an Ayahuasca Ceremony. You put so much work during the ceremony, you know how great you felt when it was over, and probably you were also left with still so many questions to find answers to. But overall, after the weekend you were on a pink cloud, connected with everything, knowing how to “fix” all your life.

You come home and you’re met with little to no excitement to your new findings and everything you want to implement.

Then, you go back to work and boom, all the old structures and habits start to make their way back.

So then you maybe remember one of the integration tips you heard: journaling!

Journaling is a great way to stay on top of your integration, and your overall personal growth. It is a simple but effective activity to clear out and calm the mind, find clarity, and support the implementation of changes. Sounds great!!!

So why can’t you just sit and do it??

Let’s look at some common blockages and tips to overcome it.

1. You do not REALLY know where to start. Ok, it doesn’t sound that complicated, take a journal and write! Yes, BUT we often do not realize how not knowing the ACTUAL NEXT STEP can sabotage any good intention and we ends up feeling we failed.

So, the question is: WHAT IS MY VERY NEXT STEP to start Journaling? Here I’m talking of the VERY VERY next step, the one that seems so obvious that you do not think about it, thus you don’t do it and again, feeling a failure or giving up all together.

SOLUTION: Sit down and write a list of all you need. An example can be: buying a journal (duh?! But yes this can slow you down for days), having a pen you love write with, finding the right time (how often? How many days a week? How long?..), finding the right place to write (your room, office, outside etc..), what kind of environment you want (incense, silence, candle, trees…) and so on…keep finding all the details you need.

2. Implement your Journaling plan, and keep OBSERVING how you’re doing. Observe yourself with no-judgment: imagine you’re an anthropologist studying this interesting “species” that is You. Check what works and what doesn’t and keep experimenting till you find the most beneficial way to journaling. Ex: nighttime is not for you, but you discover that 5min in the morning while sipping your favorite hot beverage is the absolute most beneficial!

“know thyself”: write down what makes it that you actually stick to your plan, what makes more beneficial, what works and what doesn’t so that you can make the right adjustments to be successful.

This also teaches you how to implement new habits, an extra benefits to journaling!

3. It’s Time to JOURNAL: the BEST WAY to Start is with a TUNE-IN. Tune-in to what? A tune-in is a short meditation to tune-in to yourself; the quickest way is by closing your eyes and take a couple of breath. This helps you to arrive to the right mind space creating the right set up to whatever you are going to do.

Here’s an example of a Tune-in you can use before journaling:

Take a comfortable position, relax your shoulders, relax all the muscles in your face, close your eyes and star to focus on your breath, your breath only, become the witness of your breath.

Allow yourself to be arriving to this space. Start observing what is present inside you, what is calling for your attention, observe all the part of your physical body, observe your emotions, observe your mind, and now observe your day, your week, just stay in a state of observation taking note of whatever wants to emerge.

Now if you wish you can call in your higher self, your guides and any angels or spirits you wish to support you.

Open your eyes and start journaling.

You can record this tune-in with your voice or use the one I prepared for you (with my calming Italian accent;-P), just contact me and I'll be happy to send it over.

***I would love to hear from you: What do you think about my Journaling Tips?? (check below for one extra tip)**


I based this tips on the principle of Psychosynthesis. Psychosynthesis is the psychology of the soul. It is a transpersonal approach to personal growth and development.

Using the frameworks of Psychosynthesis for integration allows the client to find clarity from their journeys, cultivate harmony, peace, and joy in their lives and create a soul-led life to finally access the fulfillment and joy we have been searching for.

Who is Melissa?

Hey you! I am Melissa, a certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach, a jungle (Shipibo) trained Facilitator, and guide with a degree in linguistic and cultural studies. I lead clients through powerful transformations so they can begin living a life that is aligned with their values, higher purpose, and joy. I have found profound success in working with a unique blend of plant medicine ceremonies, transpersonal coaching, and yoga to implement dynamic change in my clients’ lives.


If you’re still here, I am sure journaling is your thing. But what if you follow all the instructions above and still cannot really make that time?

I know, we’re all on the go, and when the time comes, we may be too exhausted, postpone it, and with it all the benefits and the well-deserved care to ourselves.

Do not worry! I hear you and I got you covered!!

The answer is: (drums…)

Voice Memos! (or voice recording) on your phone

Yes, you heard me simply Voice journal to yourself. You can easily do it on the go, while walking, under a tree, driving and so on.

The best advantage is that you always carry your phone with you (yes, we all know ), so whenever you have that journaling “urge” you can just take it out (the phone) and talk to yourself!

I guarantee, it is very effective in clearing the mind, calming us down and find clarity, despite you just found the best friend you’ve always dreamt of: yourself!

Are you willing to try? Are you maybe already doing it? How is it going??

Please comment, share your tips, I really want to hear from you!

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