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About Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis is the psychology of the soul. It is a transpersonal approach to personal growth and development. It incorporates the concept that we are souls living on earth and gives us frameworks around how we can connect to the higher parts of our consciousness in a grounded manner. It requires bravery, surrender, and mindful action. 


Psychosynthesis offers us a framework to conceptualize and work with our boundless potential.


Psychosynthesis was founded by Roberto Assagioli, an Italian psychiatrist who felt that the analytical psychology of Carl Jung was missing a large part of our experience – the soul.


Living as souls on earth we are subjected to conditioning, fears, and deeply held beliefs that form our personalities. Psychosynthesis brings another level of consciousness to our expression and connects us to the part of us that can disidentify from our personal experience and see things objectively. 


Psychosynthesis is the synthesized balance of the 3D world and the manifestation of our spirit. It allows us to honor both the personality and the soul as we evolve as humans on earth. It is no longer either-or, and we learn how to hold both, and so much more. 


​Using the frameworks of Psychosynthesis in coaching allows the client to cultivate harmony, peace, and joy in their lives. It relieves us of shame, second-guessing, and regret. 

Releasing ourselves from these draining energies allows our highest self to emerge and begin leading us. A soul-led life allows us to finally access the fulfillment and joy we have been searching for. 

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