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in-Person Events

Events are a power and fun way to gather sharing, working on our growth together with a group of like minded people. This compliment and support our individual work so that we attain the most benefits.

On our events and workshops we provide all the methodologies and the best tool we have to offer here at Atman Coaching. 

Come and join us or contact us to create a customized event together.


"if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together"

-African Proverb-

Interested in creating an Event with us? 

Let's create an unique and special event together!


Cacao Ceremony

Cacao ceremonies are versatile events that can be combined with art and coaching for a ultimate experience of senses, spiritual and personal growth. Book a call or contact me for more information.


Workshops are the best combination of full immersion of new knowledge, spiritual and personal growth as well as ceremonial shamanic tools for an ultimate experience of transpersonal transformation. Book a call or contact me for more information.

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