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About In-Person Service

A one-on-one in-person session is the most personalized and beneficial session you may have that allows you to work on deep healing, growth, transformation, energies expansion, relaxation and learning. During an in-person session we are able to use the appropriate mix of different service modalities we offer (check below).


During an in-person session we are able offer you the appropriate mix of all my offerings according to your specifici needs at that moment. The various methodologies are the following:

Psychosynthesis Coaching



Mapacho Energy Cleanse

Rapé Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony


Sound Bath,

Five element Massage, 

Kundalini activation Massage, 

Senses Massage, 

Chakra healing meditation Massage, 

Timeline Regression work, 

Trauma Releasing Exercise

Tantra Healing Modalities and coaching

Please note that in-person sessions requires 2 hour time; a travel fee may apply. These sessions can be done one-on-on or in small group settings. Please Book a Complementary Strategy Session Call to plan it and discover how this can fit your need and benefit you the most.

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