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Ayahuasca Integration Coaching


The profound healing plant medicine too often ends with the ceremony. 

Do not fall into that!! Do it right..choose to Integrate!

Atman Coaching offers a unique process that teaches you how to transform your life and integrate your newfound awareness to create lifelong change.

We blend a deep knowledge of Plant Medicine from direct training with Amazonian Tribes and study of Master Plants, years of practice facilitating Ceremonies and serving Medicines with Psychosynthesis coaching, the Psychology of the Soul, to offer you a complete support in your Entheogen/Psychedelic healing Journey.

Make a Life Transforming experience a real Transformation. 


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Integrate now!

Get the support you deserve to make long lasting changes!

What we offer:​

  • Plant Medicine/Entheogen/Psychedelic Integration coaching

  • online or in person sessions

  • In-person sessions 

  • Pre and Post Ayahuasca Ceremony Preparation

  • Support and guidance

  • Improve your life, your relationships and your career

  • Find clarity and understanding of your journeys

  • Create long-lasting changes, healing and growth

  • Getting the most out of your experience

  • Implement the teachings received 

  • Help with goal setting and lifestyle changes

  • Support you in your Personal and Spiritual Growth

  • Help with create a life in alignment with your Soul's purpose


Your Coach Expertise:

  • Plant Medicine Integration Specialist

  • Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach

  • Shipibo trained Ayahusquera and Curandera apprentice

  • Ceremony Facilitator

  • Rapé/Hapé Practitioner 

  • Yoga Teacher

  • Tantra Practitioner


Ready to build the life you want? 
Book a complimentary consultation now!

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Complimentary Strategy Session

“Let’s get to know each other”

This introductory call allows me to understand your needs and helps me determine the best way I can support you in cultivating a fulfilling life. 

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Preparation and Integration Coaching

"1:1 Ayahusca Integration coaching”

Grounding the experience of plant medicine is how you cultivate lasting change in your life. Integration prevents plant medicine from being a one-time experience and ensures you establish powerful forward progress to improve your current conditions. 


- Grounding the experience 

- Define the changes you want to make in your life 

- Activate the will to integrate the spiritual connection discovered and uncover ways to access it even in the rush of life

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Psychosynthesis Coaching Session

"1:1 Life Coaching"

Using the frameworks of Psychosynthesis in coaching allows the client to cultivate harmony, peace, and joy in their lives. It relieves us of shame, second-guessing, and regret. 


Releasing ourselves from these draining energies allows our highest self to emerge and begin leading us. A soul-led life allows us to finally access the fulfillment and joy we have been searching for. 

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Private In-Person Focused Session
"1:1 in Person Deep Work"

This highly personalized session is to work on deep healing, growth, transformation, energies expansion and relaxation. 
It is completely tailored on your needs using the appropriate mix of the following service modalities:
Psychosynthesis Coaching, YogaMapacho CleanseRapé/Hapé CeremonyCacao CeremonySmudging, Sound Bath, Sound Healing Meditation, Five element Massage, Kundalini activation, Senses Massage, Chakra healing meditation Massage, Timeline Regression work,Trauma Releasing ExerciseTantra Healing Modalities and Coaching.

Check our Events, Workshops and Programs.


Cacao Ceremony


Hapé Ceremny

What Clients Say...

Melissa is hands down one of the most amazing people I have ever met. A truly enlightened soul whose passion is to help people, and make the world a better place. By combining her knowledge and experience, with that passion, she’s able to help in so many ways. If you are looking for the “right” person to help with any issues you may be having, I would highly recommend giving Melissa a try. She’s done some amazing things for me!

— Jamie Lee

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"Your Soul Knows all about it; it is only waiting for you to find out"

Dr. Roberto Assagioli

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